The Calvin Cycle

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What is the Calvin Cycle?Light indepedant reactions which reduces carbon dioxide
Where does it take place? In the stroma of the chloroplast
What is Carbon Fixation? CO2 reacts with RuBP [A]
What is the product of carbon fixation? Two (2) molecules of 3 phosphoglycerate [A]
What is Reduction? 3 phosphoglycerate is phosphorylated by ATP & reduced by NADPH
What is the product of Reduction?G3P
What is Regeneration? 5 G3Ps regenerate into RuBP
How many turns of the Cycle to make CO2One turn to make 1 molecule of CO2
How many turns to make 1 G3P?Three turns

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What is photorespiration? uses up ATP - reverse photosynthesis declines / undoes Carbon Fixation
What is Rubisco?CO2 fixing enzyme with 8 active sites for CO2 fixation
Why is Rubisco inefficient? Catalyzes bith 02 AND CO2 - Oxygen competes slows CO2 reduction
When is Carbon Fixation favoured over photorespiration? +CO2 HIGH and O2 is low

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How is CO2 delivered to Rubisco? Gas exchange where CO2 enter pores
How is a pore created? 2 guard cells change shape to create a pore when CO2 is low
When are stomata open? During the day, closed at night to prevent water evaporation.
What happens during the stomata stays open? Allows CO2 to diffuse in inside lead and then ECF fluid

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What is C4 Photosynthesis?Incorporate CO2 into 4 carbon organic acids into C4 pathway
What does PEP do?PEP carboxylase fixes CO2 in meophyll cells
What is the purpose of C4 photosynthesis?Limits damaging effects of photorespiration
What is a CAM plant? PLants temporarily fix CO2 to organic acids to Crassulacean Acid Metabolism
What is the difference between C4 plants and CAM plants? C4: reactions catalyzed by PEP & Rubisco seperated in space. CAM - reactions are separated in TIME.