Zebrafish and Vasculogenesis

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What is the initial structure formed by angioblasts.The vascular cord. This structure is transient and therefore requires stab by interactions b/w endothilal cells
What is the role of the endoderm in mig?Purely provides a substratum for mig to occur over x essenital for direction of mig
What functions does vascular system perform?Carries away metabolic waste , Space for immune response and a conduit for hormones
What does flk2 encode?VEGF2
Who first used a transgene assisted screen to search for mutations causing defects in vasculature?Jin 2007 Crossed mutant and Transgenic flk1:eGFP strains
What defects were picked up in intial screen?Genes which direct tube + lumen formation, patern tubes, which specify and turn on in dif endothilial cell and those responsibel for thier maintainence
What can excessive angiogenesis cause ? What about insuff?Blindness and Psoraisis 2) Osteoperosis
What factor precludes study in mammalsIndespensible function of placental vasulaotr
When does blood flow begin in Z fish? How long can embryos lacking vasc survive?24hpf . up to 7 days
Name a specification genemirinay regulates endothelial and hematopoietic lineages
Name a gene identified involved in vascular tube formationTwo mutations, solos828 (sol) and ménage a troiss233 (mts), alter the number of lumens in axial vessels
How do mutants found relate to human disease?similar vascular defects to known human conditions, such as hemangioma (in the case of blys889 and psns634), aortic dissection (in case of wdis631), arterio-venous malformations (in the case of ints413 and sols828),
What order of events in vascular system formation?Spec, Mig, Tubulo,Lumenisation CIRC BEGINS Patterning + maintainence
Name a gene in vascular patterning intersection regulates vascular patterning
Mutants with altered lumen size?Valentine and catacomb

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What was believed to be the exclusive cause of structural and functional diff b/w a+vCirculatory dynamics
What does new evidence sugest about vasculogenesisAn ordered progression of molecular events
Another phrase for circulatory dynamicsHaemodynamic factors
What was the first evidence for a genetic programme of specificationEphrin B2 and B4 in artery and vein precusors respectively
What experiments support idea of predetermined haemangioblast?Lineage tracing Linskov?
How do we know notch involved in det arteries?Reductions in efnb2a marker and detection of flt venous markers in arteries , Achieved in mindbomb notch nulls or DNve Su(H)
How do we know Notch instructs arterial fate?Exctopic expression converst Cardinal vein to efnb2a
Where does gridlock function?Downstream of notch - MO k/o sim phenotype
Where does Shh function in the pathwat?At apex-- triggers notch signalling.. Cyclopamine treatment fail to est arterial ID in DA . ectopic Shh venous - arterial switch
How was COUP TFII imp in venous specification?Conditional ablation- arterial fate. Ectopic expression phenocopies Notch -
What other factor plays a role in venous maintenance + specificationPI3K Prevents activation of Erk/ Antagonists which prevent PI3K activity force arterial fate
Where is VEGF expressed?Within the somites

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