Yellow book var & yok

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Section 1

Question Answer
VardirThere is, there are
Yoktur ?There is not, there are not
Yok mu ?Is there not, are there not

Section 2

Question Answer
Kitap varThere is a book
Kitap var mi ? Is there a book ?
Kitaplar varThere are books
Kitaplar var mi ?Are there books?
Kitap Yok There is no books
Kitap Yok mu ?Is there no books ?
Kitaplar Yok There are no books
Kitaplar Yok mu ?Are there no books ?

Section 3

Question Answer
Yumurtalar var There are eggs
Yurmurtalar var miAre there eggs?
Yurmurtalar Yok There are no eggs
Yurmurtalar Yok muAre there no eggs?

Section 4

Question Answer
Kara zeytin varThere are black olives
Kara zeytin var miAre there black olives ?
Kara zeytin Yok There are no black olives
Kara zeytin Yok muThere are no black olives?
Kara zeytin Vardir There are black olives
Kara zeytin yoktur mu?There are not black olives?

Section 5

Question Answer
Fican mutfak varThere are cups in the the kitchen
Fican mutfak var miAre there cups in the kitchen?
Fiican mutfak Yok There are no cups in the kitchen
Fiican mutfak Yok muThere are no cups in the kitchen?
Fican mutfak vardir There is cups in the kitchen
Fican mutfak yoktur mu ?There Is not cups in the kitchen?