Yareli Soto -Medieval China

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Question Answer
Who was the first Sui ruler? Yang Jian
How many years did the Sui dynasty last?29 years
Who were the three important Tang rulers?They were Taizong, Xuanzong, and Empress Wu.
Who was Empress Wu? She was a Tang ruler whose methods were sometimes vicious, but whose reign was stable and prosperous.
What is porcelain?It was a thin, beautiful pottery invented by the Chinese.
What is gunpowder?Gunpowder is a mixture of powders used in guns and explosives.
What is a compass?A compass is an instrument that uses the Earth's magnetic field to indicate direction.
What was woodblock printing?Woodblock printing was a form of printing in which an entire page is carved into a block of wood that is covered with ink and then pressed against paper to make a copy of the page.
What new philosophy blended teachings about proper behavior with spiritual questions?Neo- Confucianism
Why did Buddhism spread quickly in China during the Period of Disunion? Many Chinese sought to escape suffering and find comfort in the new religion.
How long did Confucianism live? It lived for more than 1,000 years.
What were Confucianism ideas about?They were about proper behavior.
How is Neo-Confucianism different from Confucianism?It focused on spiritual questions.
Who was Genghis Khan?He was a great Monogol warrior and conqueror of northern China.
What did Marco Polo write about?His visits to China.
Who was Zheng He?He was the greatest sailor of the period and he led seven grand voyages to places around Asia.
What was Isolationism?It was a policy of having no contact with other countries.
What were the two principles of Confucianism?It was "ren" and "li".
What was a scholar- official?It was a educated member of the government.
What was a bureaucracy? It was when the government divided into different departments.