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Question Answer
C contractDefinitive Contract
Labor lawsThe Service Contract Act of 1965 ($2.5k), the Davis-Bacon Act of 1931 (Construction, $2k), and the Walsh–Healey Public Contracts Act of 1936 (Manufacturing, $15k)
Competition RequirementsFAR Part 6
D contractIndefinite Delivery Contract
Air Force Core ValuesIntegrity First, Service Before Self, and Excellence in All We Do
Market Researchthe purpose is to ensure we have knowledge of the good or service being acquired and also knowledge of the best way for the government to acquire it, found FAR Part 10, formal market research is required above $150,000
F contractGSA Contract
Small Business Coordinationdone to encourage greater small business participation, accomplished at $10,000 threshold with the DD 2579 form - learn more in FAR Part 19
SAPFAR Part 13 - Simplified Acquisitions Procedures
G contractBasic Ordering Agreement
Bona Fide Needappropriated funds may be used only for good and services for which a need arises during that appropriation period
Contracting by NegotiationFAR Part 15
M contractPurchase Order
Contract Action Reportreports obligation, deobligation of funds to congress
Types of ContractsFAR Part 16
CICACompetition in Contract Act, exceptions include Only One Source, National Security, International Agreement, Statute, Public Interest, and Unusual and Compelling Urgency
ModificationsFAR Part 43 - Contract Modifications
PNMPrice Negotiation Memorandum, used to determine a price is fair and reasonable when there is only one offeror
SynopsizingFBO Synopsis required above $25k, other form above $15k - purpose is to encourage competition and industry participation, especially that of small businesses - more can be found in FAR Part 5 - Publicizing Contract Actions
Commercial AcquisitionsFAR Part 12 - Acquisition of Commercial Items
Anti-Deficiency Actrequires spending to be within the Purpose, Amount, and Time parameters set by the congressional appropriation
Sealed BiddingFAR Part 14
Contract type for $150,000 or lessM (Purchase Order)
Contract type for above $150,000C (Definitive Contract)
Solicitation type for $150,000 or lessRequest for Quotation
Price Analysisinvolves analyzing a proposed price as a whole
Solicitation type for above $150,000Request for Proposal
Third type of solicitationInvitation for Bid (used in sealed bidding)
Justification document for $150,000 or lessSole Source Justification
Robins AFB Termination Contracting OfficerScott Buchan
Acquisition Method Suffix CodeAlphabetical - indicates the status of the data rights
Justification document for above $150,000Justification & Approval
Robins AFB Competition AdvocateKim McDonald
Cost Analysisinvolves analyzing the discrete elements of a proposal separately
Acquisition Method CodeNumerical - 1 and 2 are competitive, 3-5 are sole source
Chain of CommandSection Chief Ms. Holtz, Branch Chief Mr. Nable, Division Chief Mr. Inman, Deputy Director Col. Pospisil, Director Mr. Baumann
PR package includesPerformance Work Statement, Justification document (if applicable, either SSJ or J&A), Contract Data Requirements List, Screening Analysis Worksheet, Quality Assurance Surveillance Plan, Requirements Approval Document
Required to Exercise OptionDetermination and Findings indicating Funds are available, required to fulfill an existing need, and that exercising the option is in the government's best interest
TINATruth in Negotiation Act - applies above $700k, with exceptions (SB, etc.) - requires contractor to provide cost or pricing data and certify that it is current, accurate, and complete