X Ray Tube

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Filament small coil of wire
Filament measurements; Thick wide Length.1 to .2mm thick; 1-2mm wide; 7-15mm long
Filament material and whyTungsten, high melting point, high atomic number, and difficult to vaporize
Focusing cup materialNickel
Anode material and whytungsten, high atomic number, high melting point, disperses heat well
Stationary anodeoutlet end is copper, tungsten alloyed, embedded at 45 degree angle
Rotating anodetungsten, molybdenum shaft, copper embedded at 12 degree angle

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Line focus Principleeffective focal spot is smaller than the actual focal spot because of the angle of the anode
if the anode is at 45 degrees then what happens to the focal spotSame focal spot
StatorInduction motor, outside glass envelope, only in rotating anode
RotorInside glass envelope
EnvelopeMade with Pyrex, oil is used as an insulator to cool the tube down
X ray beam is ___ % heat99
Off focus radiationany photons not created on the focal track
Leakage radiationcomes out of the tube not through the window
Constant for a 1 phase1.00
Constant for a 3 phase 6, 3 phase 12, or high frequency1.40
1m= mm10^3mm
1m= km10^-3km
1m= cm10^2
1m= A10^10 A