X ray Equipment- Ch. 5

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Section 1

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Diagnostic EquipmentDiagnosis disease
Diagnostic Equipment mA, sec, kVp10-1200mA, .001- 10 sec, 25- 150kVp
Therapeutic EquipmentUsed to treat disease
Therapeutic Equipment mA, sec, kVpLow mA, 1- 60 min (time), 4-4 million volts
Overhead tube crane/ fixed C armMost versatile, most maneuverable, CR angle and maneuver w/o moving patient
One turn of the armature=one cycle
American generators operate on60 Hz
For every cycle the current of electrons changes directions twice

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Single phase potential difference drops to zero with every change in direction
In a full wave rectification there are _________ pulses for every Hztwo
Every Hz also means _________ pulses per second120
In a single face the voltage potential at peak is approx.70.7%
Ripple effectmaximum voltage minus the minimum voltage in percent
Single phase has a ripple effect of 100%
3 phase 6 pulse each wave is _________ degrees from eachother120
In a 3 Phase 6 P voltage neverdrops to zero
Approx. ripple for a 3 Phase 6P13-25%
3 phase 12 pulse each wave is ___ degrees from eachother90
Approx. ripple for a 3 phase 12 P4-10%

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High frequency generators Inverts low voltage DC to high voltage AC
The inverter from high frequency generators changes 60 Hz to60000Hz
High frequency generator ripple 3-4%
Voltage rippling causes decrease in power P=IV
Power formula for a 1 phase 2 P P=IV(.7)
1 phase to 3phase.5
3 phase to 1 phase2.0

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2 jobs of the xray circuitmake electrons go one way, create high voltage
Source of electronscathode
vacuumglass envelope
acceleration of electronsstep up transformer
stoppage of electronsanode
Main x ray circuitprovides the high voltage to make photons
Filament circuitlow voltage, produced emission to move electrons across tube
AutotransformerControls kVp, operates on self induction
Exposure switchactivates rotor, and heats up the filament
Timerregulates the duration of exposures; between autotransformer and step up

Section 5

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mAs timerprovides the safest current in the shortest amt of time; after step up
Step up transformerhigh voltage; creates potential to move electrons from cathode to anode
rectificationchanges AC to DC
Step down transformerproduce large about of electrons to make a large amount of photons
rheostatlimits current flow
phototimeruses light
ionization chamberionization from exiting photons creates a charge, when it reaches a certain point it shuts off
Minimum response time for exposure to terminate.001 sec today, older is .05 sec
Back up timerwill terminate the exposure at a predetermined limit