WWII timeline

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U.S. Congress passes Lend-Lease Act March 1941
Allied forces discoved the HolocaustMay 1945
Hitler seizes government power in Germany1933
Japanese surrender/ WWII ends15 Aug. 1945
Germany invades Poland1 Sept, 1939
D-Day: troops invade Normandy, France6 June, 1944
Japan attacks Pearl Harbor7 Dec. 1941
Treaty of Versatilles ends WWI1919
Allies gain control of North AfricaJuly 1942
Battle of Bulge; Ardennes attacked and Allies pushed backDec 1944
US drops atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki6+9 Aug. 1945
passed Executive Order 9066 (allows forced relocation on Japanese Americans)Feb 1942

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AM41Lend-Lease Act; March 1941
Holo-M45Holocaust; May 1945
seizes '33Hitler seizes Germany; 1933
JS-15A '45Japan surrenders; 15 Aug. 1945
GP-1S39Germany invades Poland; 1 Sept, 1939
D-Day-6J '44D-Day; 6 June 1944
PH-7D41Pearl Harbor attack; 7 Dec. 1941
TV-19Treaty of Versatilles; 1919
ctrl NA-JL42Allies control North Africa; July 1942
BB-D44Battle of the Bulge; Dec 1944
AtB-69A '45Atomic bombs dropped; 6+9 Aug, 1945
9066-F42Executive Order 9066 passed; Feb 1942