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What was given to the people of the St. Lawrence area by the American Government for their assistance during two WWII sea disasters?A hospital
In which of the forces were Newfoundland's losses greatest in WWII? (the navy, the army, or the air force)Navy
What claimed the lives of 100 people in St. John's on the night of December 12, 1942?The Knights of Columbus fire.
How did the vessel "Eric" sink off the St. Pierre in 1918?She was sunk by a German U-Boat
During WWII what was the main role of the 125 (Newfoundland) Squadron of the Royal Air Force?Night Fighting in defence of Britain
What was the name of the first American troop ship to arrive in St. John's during WWII?Edmund B. Alexander
What war-time agreement was made in Placentia Bay in August of 1941?The Atlantic Charter
What three animals appear on the Newfoundland Coat of Arms?A lion, a unicorn, an elk
How many boats were torpedoed and sank by the Germans in Conception Bay during WWII?Four
What did the Newfoundland government store in abandoned tunnels on the south side hills after WWII?Bonded Liquor
Besides Italy, where did the 166th Newfoundland Field regiment do most of its fighting in WWII?North Africa
What was the location of the Royal Canadian Navy Hospital built during WWII?Topsail Road (later became the Samitorium)
What Newfoundlander became a legend as a submarine commander in the Mediterranean during WWII?Alistair Mars
Where was the Fort McAndrew Located?Argentia

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What did the Canadian minesweeper HMCS "Georgian" do on the night of June 20, 1942 off Newfoundland's south coast?She sank a British Submarine
Who was the chief engineer in charge of the construction of Fort Townshend, Military Rd., King's Rd. and Signal Hill Road?Colonel Pringle
What group did over 10,000 Newfoundland women marry between 1941 and 1945? American Servicemen
What was opened for Newfoundlanders in Trafalgar Square in July 1943?The Caribou Club
What temporary camp base was used for American troops awaiting the completion of Fort Pepperrell?Camp Alexander
Who was Newfoundland's most decorated soldier?Richard Power
What St. John's city dock remained the possession of a foreign Country until 1961?The American dock
What did the Newfoundland government make compulsory and free in 1944?School Attendance
What was the "Ice Dome Project" of WWII?A plan to Construct at Corner Brook a giant aircraft carrier of solid ice for use in the mid Atlantic
During WWI Newfoundland radio listeners heard a strange coded message nine times a day - N for nuts and A for apples. To who was it directed?Lighthouse operators (an instruction to keep lights and radio beacons operating.)
What was established by the Americans at Red Cliff just North of St. John's during WWII?a Radar station
What caused the cancellation of the St. John's Annual Regatta in 1940?WWII
What Newfoundland vessel, converted into a hospital ship during WWII, was sunk off Salerno in 1943?The Newfoundland
What two forts were formally linked by Military Road?Fort William and Fort Townshend

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How many Newfoundlanders survived the Battle of Beaumont Hamel?68
What coastal steamer was sunk by a German submarine while crossing the Cabot Straight?The Caribou
What were the large underground caverns on the south side used for during WWII?To store ammunition
What major change in highway regulations occurred on New Year's Day 1942?Motorists began driving on the right side of the road instead of the left.
What 25 million dollar project in Labrador was funded by the Canadian Government in 1941?The Goose Bay Air base
What regular service was started between Canada and Newfoundland on May 1, 1942?Air passenger service
Who composed the inscription on the Newfoundland War memorial in St. John's?Rudyard Kipling
What were the call letters of the radio station operated by servicemen at Fort Pepperrel during WWII?VOUS
In which hand does "The Fighting Newfoundlander" hold his grenade?Right hand
What name was given to the Fort Pepperrel area after the American base closed out?Pleasentville
What town became the centre of the Newfoundland government's ship building program in 1943?Clarenville
What type of aircraft is mounted on a stone pedestal on Skipper's Drive, Gander?A Hudson Bomber
What St. John's monument is in the form of a Celtic cross and is made of Scotish granite and Newfoundland granite?The Sergeant's War Memorial
What is the time difference between the island of Newfoundland and Greenwich, England?3 and a half-hours
When did the American base at Fort Pepperrel close?1961

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What person was not involved in the same war or conflict?Philip Riteman
When did the battle of Ypres take place?WWI
Which of these was not born in Newfoundland? A. Tommy Ricketts B. Billy Bishop C. John ShiwakBilly Bishop
The three powers were? WWII A. Germany/Italy/Japan B. Great Britain/USA/Russia C. Germany/Russia/JapanGermany/Italy/Japan
Which three beaches go together? A. Utah/Omaha/Sword B. Gold/Juno/Sword C. Gold/Utah/SwordGold/Juno/Sword
Where is Hill 355 of Little Gibraltar located?Korea
The first open act of aggression since the establishment of the United Nations was in which of the following? A. Gulf War B. WWII C. Korean WarKorean War
Which WWI monument does not belong in this set? A. Beaumont-Hamel B. Vimy C. MaisiniereVimy