WW1 History Revision

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Question Answer
When did Britain declare war on Germany?4th August 1914
When was the first battle of Ypres?October - November 1914
When was the first use of poison gas?22nd April 1915
When was the second battle of Ypres (Loos)?April-May 1915
When was conscription introduced in Britain?January 1916
When was the German Offensive at Verdun?February 1916
When was the battle of Jutland (Only major sea battle of the war)?May 1916
When was the battle of the somme?1st July - November 1916
When was the first use of tanks?15 september 1916
When did USA join the war on the allied side?April 1917
When was the third battle of Ypres (Passchendaele)?July - November 1917
When was the decisive use of tanks at Cambria?November 1917
When did Russia make peace with Germany in the treaty of Brest-Litovsk?March 1918
When was the Ludendorff offensive? thousands of troops transferred from the russian front to bring germany in sight of Paris?March 1918
When did the allied counter offensive push Germany back into the hindenburg line?August 1918
When did the war end (The Armistice)?11 November 1918

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