WW Book 6_Lesson 1

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Section 1

Question Answer
affectionn. A fond or tender feeling.
loftyadj. Showing a too-proud or superior attitude
claspv. To grasp or hold tightly
contributionn. That which is given
contributev. To give along with others who are giving.
contributorn. One who gives.
affectionateadj. Gentle and loving.

Section 2

Question Answer
conspicuousadj. Easily or plainly seen.
appealv. To be of interest to: to be attractive to.
claspn. Something, as a hook or fastener, that holds two parts together
declarationn. A public statement
declarev. To make known; to state openly
eloquentadj. Skilled as speaking or writing; having the power to move people
unveilv. To make known or reveal for the first time.

Section 3

Question Answer
exhibitv. To show in public.
ferrya boat that carries people and goods back and forth across a stretch of water
immigrantn. A person who comes into a coutnry to live there
loftyadj. Very tall or high
pedestaln. A base or support on which something stands.
persecutev. To treat cruelly or harshly because of political, religious, or other differences
persecutionn. The state or condition of being persecuted.

Section 4

Question Answer
exhibitn. An item or collection of items in a public show.
ferryv. To move peopleor goods by boat across a stretch of water.
loftyadj. Noble in feeling or high in ideals
povertyn. The state of being poor
unveilv. To remove a covering from
appealv. To make an earnest request: to ask.
eloquencen. Skill at speaking or writing; the power to move people

Section 5

Question Answer
Hugging is a way to show___.affection
My cousin took my hand and gave it an ___ squeeze.affectionate
The boat owner who ___ us across the lake would not accept any payment.ferried
This very funny movie will ___ to children of all ages.appeal
___ to the new theater received free tickets for opening night.Contributors

Section 6

Question Answer
The letter contained an ___ for money to provide shelters for the homeless.appeal
Tickets for the ___ or early automobiles go on sale next week.exhibition
His great height make him ___ in any crowd.conspicuous
The ___ read by the mayor stated that November was bicycle safety month.declaration
Dr. Martin Luther King's ___ made him the obvious choice to lead the 1960s Civil Rights Movement.eloquence

Section 7

Question Answer
Niether the liver and onions nor the meatloaf had much ___.appeal
Exercise ___ greatly to good health.contributes
The necklace has a ___ in the shape of a snake biting its tail.clasp
Anne Frank's ___ diary often moves readers to tears.eloquent
The ___way the diner spoke to the waiter made me feel uncomfortable.lofty
HItler's ___ of the Jews led to the murder of millions of innocent people.persecution
The police chief will ___ a plan to reduce street crime at today's meeting.unveil

Section 8

Question Answer
The most interesting ___ in the museum was the dinosaur skeletonexhibit
The dancer's ___ hands and circled the maypole.clasped
The ___ will go out of service when the new bridge opens.ferry
Three students___for more time to finish the work.appealed
Ending world hunger in our lifetime is a ___ goal.lofty
The food stamp program was started to helf feed American families living in ___.poverty

Section 9

Question Answer
Many Polish ___ settled in Chicago.immigrants
___ elm trees provided welcome shade on many American streets.lofty
Local artists ___ their paintings are at the library.exhibit
After communism collapsed in Russia, hardly a staue of Stalin was left standing on its ___.pedestal
The Kurds of northern Iraq were ___ by the Iraqi rulers for wanting their own state.persecuted
The president of the American Red Cross___ unveiled the portrait of its founder, Clara Barton.unveiled

Section 10

Question Answer
My parents were people who left their own country to come to the United Statesimmigrants
The boat that carries people across the river leaves every hour on the hour.ferry
The sundial, together with the base on which it stands, costs two hundred dollars.pedestal
There was a burst of applause when the artist removed the covering from her painting.unveil
The president's public statement that the factory would not be closing was welcome news tot he townspeople.declaration

Section 11

Question Answer
A heavy dessert would not be of interest to me after that big turkey dinner.appeal
The generosity of the audience was one of the things that led tot he success ofthe auction.contributions
The noble-sounding words of Abraham Lincoln's "Gettysburg Address" made a deep impression on me.eloquent
Their unusual way of dressing makes them stand out from those around them in a crowd.conspicuous
I have nothing but fond and tender feelings for you all. affectionate

Section 12

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