WW 6_Lesson 2

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Section 1

Question Answer
arrogantadj. showing too much pride in oneself
arrogancen. A feeling of too much pride in oneself.
boycottv. To join others in refusing to deal with a person or group.
campaignn. A series of actions inteneded to accomplish a goal
detainv. To stop or hold; to keep from going on.

Section 2

Question Answer
You were ___ to claim that you knew all the answers.arrogant
Delclaring that you are sure to win is another example of your___.arrogance
Customers play to ___that store if it continues to overcharge.boycott
Picking up litter was the first step in the ___to clean up the town center.campaign
The customs officers ___us while they searched our bags.detained

Section 3

Question Answer
boycottn. the acto of boycotting
campaignn. A series of military actions in a particular area.
custodyn. Contorl over and responsibility for care.
degradev. To bring shame or disgrace upon
extendv. To reach out

Section 4

Question Answer
The fans called off their ___when the teams agreed to lower ticket prices.boycott
The bride and groom exchanged rings during the wedding ___.ceremony
following a divorce, each parent may want ___of the children.custody
By lying to cover up his heating, Sam ___himself even more.degraded
The conductor ___her arms as a signal to the orchestra to be ready.extended

Section 5

Question Answer
campaignv. To take part in actions planned to accomplish a particular goal.
custodyn. In the keeping of the poilice; in jail
degradeadj. Causing shame or disgrace
extendv. To offer
triumphn. The joy winning brings

Section 6

Question Answer
Students who wish to ___ for class office must submit petitions.campaign
The new officer took the thief into ___.custody
Losing the trophy because one player had taken a bribe was a ___experience.degrading
I wish to ___my apologies for behaving so badly.extend
The dancer who was invited to audition whot a look of ___at those who were not so lucky.triumph

Section 7

Question Answer
extendv. to make longer
integratev. to untie into a whole; especially to end the sesparation of races.
segregatev. To keep separate or apart
supremeadj. The highest in rank or position
triumphv. to win
violationn. A breaking of or failing to keep something like a law or a promise.

Section 8

Question Answer
The exhibition was so popular that the museum decided to ___it by a week.extend
In 1948 President Truman ___the armed forces of the United States.integrated
Ranchers ___sick animals from the herd to prevent diseases from spreading.segregate
Helen Kellers graduation from college was a ___.triumph
Saddam Hussein was the ___ruler of Iraq until his overthrow in 2003.supreme
The winner of the national spelling bee___over forty-nine other contestants.triumphed
Revealing the secret to your friends was a ___of the trust placed in you.violation

Section 9

Question Answer
extendv. To stretch or lie
integrationn. The act of uniting or bringing together, especially people of different races
segregationn. The act of keeping separate or apart.
verdictn. a judgement or opinion
violatev. To break, as a law or a promise

Section 10

Question Answer
The property ___ for a half mile beyond the river.extends
In the 1950s many people opposed the ___of restaurants and other public places.integration
One of the goals of the Civil Right Movement was to end racial ___ in teh United States.segregation
The ___on the new computer is that it does twice the work in half the time.verdict
Working for another research company___the agreement she made with her previous employer.violate

Section 11

Question Answer
triumphantadj. Joyful over a victory or success
vacatev. To make empty, as by leaving
verdictn. The decision reached at the end of a trial
supremeadj. Of the greatest importance
violatev. to treat in an improper or disrespectful way.

Section 12

Question Answer
The ___skater was given a hero's welcome on her return from the Olympic Games.triumphant
We will ___the house at the end of June to make way for the people moving in.vacate
The foreman looked grim as she announced the ___.verdict
the mayor declared the eliminating homelessness was the ___challenge for the city.supreme
The vandals who ___the cemetery by knocking over gravestones had to restore it.violated

Section 13