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The secular religion that flourishes in North Korea at this point in the twenty-first century focuses on __________.Kim Il Sung
The __________ branch of Protestant Christianity holds that infants should not be baptized.Anabaptist
According to Zoroastrianism, Ahura Mazda is theWise Lord
The teachings of __________-that Christians should work hard and could develop businesses through the use of money loaned at interest-are credited with helping to create the context for the development of capitalism in Europe.John Calvin
The Modernist Movement in Islam is noted for .stressing that social justice is at the heart of Islamic teaching
Approximately one of every __________ persons in the world today is a Muslim.5
The Branch Davidian leader David Koresh taught his followers that __________.he had been sent by God to open the Seven Seals of the Book of Revelation
__________ teaches that humans must reawaken to their place in the natural community, with respect for the right of "self-realization" of other beings.deep ecology
According to Shinto tradition, the total number of kami is __________.infinite
Christianity joins Judaism in affirming that humans have been created the image of God
According to Protestant Reformers, the only sacraments instituted by Christ were the Lord's Supper and __________.baptism
Major causes of the growing popularity of new religions include growing individualism and __________ traditional religions.alienation from
According to Muslim teaching, the "greater jihad" involves __________.the individual Muslim's struggle against all forms of inner evil
The apostle __________ was one of the few leaders in early Christianity who did not know Jesus during his public ministry.Paul of Tarsus
Medieval Shinto sought to amalgamate Shinto with Confucianism and __________.buddhism
The __________ Empire was the most powerful in the world during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries C.E.ottoman

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The most famous virtue of the bushido code of the samurai warrior is __________.honor
The entrance to a Shinto shrine is marked by a gateway known as a __________.torii
One of the teachings of the Ras Tafari movement is that __________.Haile Selassie is the living God
Nearly half of the New Testament books comprise a set of letters attributed to one early Christian writer named __________.Paul of Tarsus
Satanic movements such as the Church of Satan and __________ that teach that "Satan" is the life force and all natural impulses.cult of sethos
The early Jewish movement known as the __________ was composed of the High Priest and his allies.Sadducees
The Jewish festival known as __________ commemorates the rededication of the Jerusalem Temple after it had been liberated during the Maccabean Revolution.Hannukah
With the support of the Islamist government of Afghanistan, __________ took refuge there in 1996 and established terrorist training camps to mount a global struggle to defend Islam from the influence of the West.Osama Bin Laden
Most contemporary Japanese people consider themselves __________.non-religious
The __________ movement in modern Christianity emphasizes the "baptism of the Holy Spirit" manifest in various ecstatic gifts.charismatic
According to the Shinto worldview, humans are naturally __________.good
The oft-repeated phrase in Muslim prayer, Allahu akbar, means "God ismost good
The Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity was founded in __________.korea
The Jewish mystical movement that emerged in the Middle Ages and used numerology to probe the hidden meanings of the Tanak was known as __________.Kabbala
"We know no homelands but the land of our birth" was the motto of __________ in its early years.Reform

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Question Answer
From 1890 until 1945 every Japanese child bowed daily before a picture of __________.the emperor
holds that only Mind and Spirit are real; matter is an illusion.christian science
Which of the following exclamations would most likely be made by someone who has pledged to live according to "The Jedi Vow"?Whatever you do, good or bad, will return to you threefold!
Many Orthodox Jews opposed the formation of the modern state of Israel because __________.the Messiah had not yet come
Shinto's ultimate goal is __________.cosmic harmony
Which character in the Tanak received the name "Israel"?Moses
Japan was forcibly reopened to Western trade and influence by American naval forces under Commodore Perry in the __________ century.Nineteenth
A __________ is a woman shaman in Japan.miko
The indigenous religion of Japan is called __________.shinto
The major contribution of __________was drawing on the Greek philosopher Aristotle to defend rationally basic Christian convictions, especially in his most famous work, the Summa Theologica.thomas aquinas
When they arrive in Mecca at the beginning of the hajj, Muslims circumambulate the __________ seven times.kaaba
In 1996, the Islamist __________ movement seized power in Afghanistan and created the rigidly conservative Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.taliban
According to the Shinto worldview, the basic dilemma to be overcome is __________.spiritual pollution
The early Jewish movement known as the __________ became virtually the ruling party within Judaism after the destruction of the Temple in C.E. 70.pharisees
wrote a spiritual autobiography called the Confessions and helped shaped orthodox Christian teachings with his conceptualizations of doctrines such as original sin and the role of the church in history.augustine
Muhammad's __________ marks the beginning of the Muslim calendar.journey from Mecca to Medina

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Question Answer
The principal sacred text for the International Society for Krishna Consciousness is the __________.Bhagavad Gita
The Islamist Muslim Brotherhood was founded in __________.egypt
The Islamist Wahhabi movement is most noted for its teaching that and women should be kept separate in public places
Black and feminist theology are branches within a larger modern Christian movement known as __________ theology.Liberation
One of the key areas in which the fundamentalist movement differs from mainline Christianity is on the issue of the __________.compatibility of the doctrine of Creation with the scientific theory of evolution.
The high god of tribal polytheism in seventh century C.E. Arabia was called __________.allah
A common denominator of most new religions is the presence of a __________, who has a vivid and appealing message that is delivered in an engaging style of communication.charismatic leader
Muslims believe that the Qur'an __________.was divinely revealed to Muhammad through the angel Gabriel
The early Jewish movement known as the __________ has most frequently been associated by scholars with the writing of the Dead Sea Scrolls.essenes
The basis of the teaching of the __________ is the free and open search for truth, with the recognition that truth can be found among all religious traditions.The Unitarian Universalist Association
According to the Shinto Myth, Japan is the land of the __________.kami
The fullest extent of the written collection of the Oral Torah is found in the __________.talmud
After World War II, ________ was outlawed in Japan.State Shinto
The religions that originated in the Middle East share a belief in, all-powerful Creator
The new religious movement teaches that Christians as well as Jews must keep holy the Jewish Sabbath is called __________.Seventh-Day Adventism
In circumstances in which the Qur'an does not provide direct guidance, Sunni Muslims appeal to the hadith, analogy from the teachings of the Qur'an

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