Worldview quiz 3

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three reasons why we should study the Old testamentJesus fulfills the. Old old testament,for instruction and encouragement, and it comprises 2/3 of the Bible.
whats the goal of reading the Old testament? that we can "delight in the study of God's works.
whats the gap?The reader should reach out and understand what the Bible is telling us. We should close the gap of misunderstanding to\he Old Testament and understand what is it talking about
"The application of God's revelation is often a matter of ___________ ____________worldview adjustment
What name is given to the agriculturally rich region that much of the Old Testament took place in?fertile crescent
The best use of background information is for _____________, not merely apologetics!"illumination
what the Hebrew arrangement of the Bible?1) Torah, (2) Former Prophets, (3) Latter Prophets, and (4) The Writings

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four great events creation, fall, flood and nations scattering
four great people abraham, Isaac,Jacob and Joseph
who came first? Abraham or Moses Abraham
humans are made in the image of______God

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completed in six literal days literal creation
slowly enveloped over millions of years naturalistic evolution
attempt to Merge creation with evolution accommodation views
God began the evolutionary processtheistic evolution
days of Genesis are "Long Ages" of time day-age theory
gap between Genesis 1:1 and !:2 gap theory
God revealed evolved "creation" in six days to Moses, while actual "creating" or "evolving"took longer than. that revelatory "Day"
god created basic lie forms and then evolved them over a long period of time progressive creation

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