Worldview quiz 2

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Question Answer
3 ways to test a worldview coherence, evidence and experience
logical consistency coherence
empirically adequate ( test of the outer-world)evidence
experimental relevance ( test of the inner- world) experience
how can we respond to the world around us? offended, delighted and distressed.
3 major worldview categories? naturalism, transcendentalism and theism
naturalism assumes no_____ God/god
all that exists is _____the material world nothing else
universe is ____self- created
_____ exists beyond this world nothing
evolution--origin naturalism
determined animal-- identity naturalism
no meaning--- meaning naturalism
individual-- morality naturalism
worm food-- destiny naturalism
God is a ______, not a person force
only the spiritual exists; the _______ is an illusion physical
______ exists beyond this world nothing
splintered from the one--- origin transcendentalism
part of the One--- identity transcendentalism
to get back to the one-- meaning transcendentalism
individual---- morality transcendentalism
dispersed into the One --destinytranscendentalism