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Joseph ConradHeart of darkness
Joseph Conrad birthplacePolish Ukraine, died in Europe
Joseph Conrad careercaptain of a steamer for belgian trading co
Joseph conrad personalitymisanthrope
First post colonial novelThings fall apart, in response to Mr Johnson which was a racist novel about Africa
narrative style of HoDframe story, story within a story
Jhumpa LahiriInterpreter of Maladies
History of Lahiriparents emigrated to Rhode Island from West Bengali; considers herself American
Describe Caprice of Colonial RuleAfter 1947 partition east and west pakistan created for Muslim domination, elections led to modern bangladesh war
themes in IoMsocial and cultural erosion/change, imperial powewr and exploitation
diasporadispersion of any people from their homeland, connotes the lack of full assimilation
dixit tapestrysexy, goddess of empowerment
characteristics of short story cyclesstories are self sufficient but interrelated. Adding meaning to each other
19th century realisminductive reasoning, observational, objective
Leo Tolstoy backgroundborn into highest Russian milita, Rakish soldier, converted to christian ascetism, renounced wealth and property
Rousseu and Tolstoyuncorrupted morals prevail in the state of nature. morality is not a social construct, morality is natural, born from himankind's disclination to witness suffering

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