World History Semester Test

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Section 1

Question Answer
why did karl marx despise capitalism?because he thought it only benefited a few people, and the rest became impoverished
what was the number one resource Europeans wanted to encourage them to find a better trade route?spices
who was the leader of portugal that headed the sea based exploration?prince henry
what country closed themselves off to trade during thsi time?japan
who conquered the aztecs?hernan cortes
who conquered the incans?francisco pizzaro
where did the wealth in the new world come from?silver
what percent of the native populations were killed by disease?90%
what resulted in the Colombian Exchange?global trade, spread of disease/ideas
who was the absolute monarch who reigned over the Hapsburg Empire for 42 years?philip II

Section 2

Question Answer
what areas of africa did great britain control by 1914?south africa, egypt
when the boers of south africa migrated north, to whom did they clash?zulus
according to adam smith, what would regulate business activity in a free market?laissez faire
who helped lead the revolutions in haiti?napoleon's brother
in what country was napoleon's army decimated by harsh weather conditions?russia
which group was hurt by the napoleonic code?women
in what two places was napoleon exiled to?ciba island in mediterranean, south atlantic
why was britain not easily defeated by napoleon?they were an island
what were Sun Yat-Sen's "three principles of the people?"nationalism, democracy, economic security
martin luther, who began the movement known as the reformation, challenged the pope and the authority of the catholic church by?posting the 95 Theses(protesting indulgences)

Section 3

Question Answer
describe the putting out systemseparated cotton from it's seeds
why were women the majority of early factory workers?earned half the pay of men, they worked longer
who was abraham darby and what did he create?a man who created a better way to smelt iron
what class of people lived in tenement housing?proletariat(working class)
what was the purpose of labor unions?to protect workers rights, helped create things like factory acts, paid overtime, holidays, minimum wage
what was the purpose of the navigation acts passed by britain?prohibits trade
describe the role of government that adam smith believed?free market
what was montesquieu's idea for government?legislative, executive, and judicial branch
what were voltaire's ideas for society?supported freedom of speech