World history section 1-2 test

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Section 1

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where was the earliest center of civilization located in the Aegean region?in the island of Crete
what Aegean culture displayed a love for military pursuits? the mycenaean culture
what ancient city did Heinrich Schliemann discovered? discovered Troy
From what two epic poems do we get a glimpse of Greek life during the period from 1150 to 750 BC? To whom are these poems attributed?The poems were the Iliad and The Odyssey. These poems were attributed to the Greek poet Homer.
What athletic contests began as attempt to please the Greek gods through physical prowess? The Olympics Games.

Section 2

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What was the basic political unit of Greece? The polis, or “city-states”, was the basic political unit of Greece.
List and define the four basic forms of government found in the Greek city-states.-Monarchy: rule by one. -Oligarchy: rule by few. -Tyranny: government headed by a tyrant who gained complete control of it- usually by force. -Democracy- ruled by the people.
What two Greek city-states represented two-opposing ways of life within Greek society? Sparta and Athens.
What Greek city-states was characterized by creativity, commercial endeavor, democracy, and individualism? Athens.

Section 3

Question Answer
having human form or attributes anthropomorphic
a "city-states", basic political unit of Greece polis
fortified hill that a polis was built at the foot of acropolis
rule by one monarchy
rule by few oligarchy
government headed by a tyrant who gained complete control of it- usually by force tyranny
rule by the people democracy
sparta's inhabitants were made slaves or.... Helots
chief magistrate of the Athenian council of nobles archon

Section 4

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two civilization influenced Greek culture? Minoan and Mycenaean
their palace was grand minoan
who did the Minoans worshiped? the bull-minotaur
where was the leading commercial center? Mycenae
build art, ad commerce the Mycenaean
military over beauty mycenaean
main commercial enemy of Mycenaean city of Troy
conquered by the Dorians mycenaean
how do we know about the Dark ages? epic poems- Iliad and Odyssey
myths to explain their beliefs about the gods, the world, life greek mythology
mount Olympusheavens of the gods
Olympics were held on honor of: zeus
shared must of the same culture, yet they lacked political unity Greek city-states
militarism, isolation, oligarchy, glorification of statesparta
creative, democratic, individualism, intellectual heritage Athens
forbade the practice of making debtors into slaves solon