World History Review 1-15

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when early man bagan to fatm what was it called?Neolithic
how are Hammurabi and Justinian alike?codedifed laws
what did most river valley civilalztions have in common?irregation
which city is sacred to Islam and where many Muslims make a pilgrimage?Mecca
what was the class division known as in India caste system
what is theocracy?leader is both political and religious
what are the guides for living for the Christians, Buddihists,Muslims Bible, 8 Fold Path,Five Pillars
dynasty meansrulers from a single family
what was Hammurabi's code?religious authority
what is cultural diffusion exchange of ideas/goods from other cultures
which country gave us democracyGreece
who were the Punic Wars between?Rome & Carthine
what was the biggest outcome of the Punic Wars?Rome became dominant
who made government decisions in Ancient Rome? citizens
how do we know Rome was the strongest of the ancient empires they lasted over a thousand years
where are Sparta and Athens located on a map?S:West A:East
how did both the Romans and the Incas unify their empires they built roads and bridges
which geographic feature contributed to the formation of the independent city-states in Ancient Greece mountains
who was the harsh ruler who forced his people to build roads and massive walls- he unified his people and became their first emperor Qin Shi-Huangdi
who became the first emperor of Rome after his famous uncle,Caeser died?Caeser Augustus
who was Rome's best general and made dicatator for life...assassinated because the senate feared he would become king Julius Ceaser
what is divine right kings are chosen by God to rule
what was the purpose of the Mana Carta?limited power to king John
which group of skilled horsemen conquered much of Asia in the 12th and 13the centuriesMongols
what made Cordoca a unique city?it's many libraries & value on education
what was a positive effect of the Mongols expanding across Asia and Europea rise in trade between Asia, Middle East, and Europe

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