World history quiz 1

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Question Answer
the two foundations for studying historyphilosophical and historical
concepts that keep help us understand why and how we study history philological
these are the world's earliest events and they are foundations because these early events form bedrock that all other history is built on.historical
three reasons why we should study history?history prepares us for the future, history gives us cultural identity and history declares God's glory
examples of artifacts pottery and paintings
examples of traditions songs
written records examples diaries and journals
examples of secondary sources biography and books
problem with secondary sources not always reliable
steps for historical research evaluation of historical events, and historical synthesis , and historical interpretation
how does the historians philosophy affect his account?cannot record every bit of history, he has to choose the most important things, choices depends on historians philosophy and faith
how do these contrast truths shape our telling of history?divine control of history, man's fall into sin and redemption in Christ