World History Exam Review 70-85

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Question Answer
what happened in Germany because of the treaty of Versailles after WW1?political mess
what was Joseph Stalin's economic plan?five year plan
what was the guiding principal of the Nuremberg Trials?judgement of international law
devotion to a dictator...terror to control population...few rights...extreme nationalist...describe this government fascism
what is economic imperialism take over county to get money
which social movement wanted liberty for women in Japan?women's movement
no man's land...machine guns...poisonous gas...were associated with which form of warfare?trenchwarfare
kristallnacht...Nuremberg laws...concentration camps...are associated with what?Holocaust
theory of do these reflect a change in culture after WW11people no longer believed in absolute thrurh
invasion of France...liberating France, Belguum, the Netherlands, and pushing closer to Germany describe which invasion?D-day
how were Korea and Germant similar after WW2?they were both divided
what does Brinkmanship mean?very close to something happening
what can be concluded about the Middle East during the Cold War?competition between superpowers
what were the Berlin Wall and the Great Wall of Chinia Iintended for?to limit movement of people
how were Marx,Lenin, and Castro alike?communist

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