World History - Chapter 4 Sections 2 & 3

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Section 1

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(Section2) Vocab: RadicalsThose who favor extreme change.
(Section2) Vocab: Louis PhilippeKing, cousin of Charles X, supported revolution of 1789.
(Section2) Vocab: RecessionPeriod of reduced economic activity.
(Section2) Vocab: Napoleon IIINapoleon's title when he made himself emperor.
(Section2) Vocab: Louis KossuthJournalist, leader of Hungarian nationalists wanted independent government.
(Section2) When did Louis XVIII die?1824.
(Section2) Who inherits the throne after Louis XVIII dies?Charles X.
(Section2) What did Charles X do as leader and when?Suspended legislature by limiting the right to vote and restricted press, all in 1830.
(Section2) What was the citizens' reaction to Charles X's action?Angry citizens rebelled, controlled Paris, and set up a republic.
(Section2) What did Charles X do after the citizens' reaction, and who was chosen king after Charles X abdicated? What did the new king favor?He abdicated, or stepped down from power - Louis Philippe was chosen king, he favored the bourgeoisie (middle class) over the workers
(Section2) What happens with Paris and Europe? What happened to most of the revolts?The revolts in Paris inspired other revolts in Europe to occur, most of them failed. However, reforms were made.
(Section2) What do radicals, socialists, and liberals do in the 1840s?Denounce king Philippe's government recession, since it enhanced discontent (bread prices rose and jobs were lost).
(Section2) What happens to Louis Philippe and what are the effects of this?Louis Philippe is abdicated - upper and middle class controlled government and 1500 people were killed (government crushed the rebellion)
(Section2) What was the National Assembly and what time was it created?Constitution gave right to vote to all men, 1848
(Section2) When did Napoleon III make himself emperor, and what did he do?1852, ended 2nd republic.
(Section2) What caused the revolution in France 1830?Radicals forced the king, Charles X, to abdicate
(Section2) What caused the revolution in Belgium 1830?It becomes an independent state with liberal constitution
(Section2) What caused the revolution in Poland 1830?Russia crushes revolt of students, army officers, and land owners
(Section2) What caused the revolution in France 1848?Revolution leads to election Louis Napoleon as president.
(Section2) What caused the revolution in Austria 1848?Metternich fleas in disguise
(Section2) What caused the revolution in Hungary 1848? Louis Kosseth demands independent government
(Section2) What caused the revolution in Czheas 1848?Independent government was demanded
(Section2) What caused the revolution in Germany 1848?Frankfurd offers king the throne of a united Germany but he refuses
(Section2) What caused the revolution in Italy 1848?Revolutionary expelled pope from Rome and install new national government.

Section 2

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(Section3) Vocab: PeninsulareMembers of the highest social class
(Section3) Vocab: CreolesEuropean-descended Latin Americans who owned the haciendas
(Section3) Vocab: MestizosPeople of Native American and European descendent
(Section3) Vocab: MulattoesPeople of african and european descent
(Section3) Vocab: Simon BolivarYoung creole who traveled in Eurpoe and were inspired by the ideals of liberty, equality and fraternity
(Section3) Vocab: Toussaint L'ouvertureAn intelligent and skillful leader, self educated former slave
(Section3) Vocab: Father miguel hidalgoa creole priest in mexico who raised his voice for freedom
(Section3) Vocab: father jose morelosa mestizo who called for wide ranging social and political reform
(Section3) Vocab: Jose de san martinAnother great leader who joined forced with Boliver
(Section3) Vocab: Dom pedrothe king's son, who took the place of king.
(Section3) What happened to the revolutionary fever in 1700s?Spread to Latin America
(Section3) What did Pennisulares dominate?Government and church
(Section3) What did the Creoles do?2nd class or estate, got many revolutionary ideas from American and french revolutions & enlightenment ideas
(Section3) What did the Mestizos + mulattoes lack?Wealth and status
(Section3) What did Latin American leaders do after Napoleon invaded Spain in 1808?Demanded Independence from Spain
(Section3) What caused the revolt in Chile 1818?San Martin helped bolivar liberate Argentina, Chile, and Peru
(Section3) What did Creole priest Father Hidalgo do in 1810?Called Mexicans to fight + was captured + executed - first person to be executed by Spain.
(Section3) What happened to Father Jose Morelos?He took over after Father Hidalgo was captured, but then HE got captured and killed - second person to be executed by Spain
(Section3) What did AUgustin De Iturbide do in 1821?He overthrew Spanish viceroy + declared independence - central american colonies declared independence too.
(Section3) What caused the revolt in Haiti 1791?Toussaint L'ouverture leads army of former slaves, ends slavery
(Section3) What caused the revolt in Mexico 1810?Father Hidalgo gave a speech, eventually mexico wins independence, but not right away
(Section3) What caused the revolt in Columbia 1819?Simon Bolivar surprises the Spanish at Bogota
(Section3) What caused the revolt in Venezuela 1821?Simon Bolivar frees Venezuela
(Section3) What caused the revolt in Brazil 1822?Dom Pedro becomes emperor of an independent Brazil
(Section3) What caused the revolt in Ecuador 1822?Simon Bolivar frees ecuador
(Section3) What caused the revolt in Peru 1824?San Martin helps Bolivar free Peru
(Section3) What caused the revolt in Guatemala, El Salvador, Hondorez, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica in 1838?United Provinces of Central America breaks into seperate republics.