World History - Chapter 3 Section 4

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Question Answer
How did Napoleon rise to power so quickly in France?Because of military success - that's why the French highly supported him in the Plebiscite.
What reforms did Napoleon introduce during his rise to power?Napoleon controlled prices, encouraged new industry, and built roads and canals.
How did Napoleon come to dominate most of Europe by 1812?He won battles which were the combined forces of the greatest European powers.
What challenges threatened Napoleon's empire and what led to the disaster in Russia?Napoleon invaded Russia and since Russia didn't want to fish, they retreated eastward, burning crops and villages as they went.
How did Napoleon impact Europe and the rest of the world?They made certain countries' armies weaker.
Explain the chief goal and outcome of the Congress of Vienna.To create a lasting piece by establishing a balance of power and protecting the system of monarchy.
PlebiscitePopular vote by ballot.
Napoleonic CodeNapoleon's new code of laws (contained enlightment principles such as equality of all citizens before the law, religious toleration, and the abolition of feudalism.
AnnexedIncorporated into Napoleon's empire
Continental SystemIt closed European ports to British goods.
Guillera warfare"Little war" warfare, which is hit-and-run raids (Spanish patriots conducted a campaign of this against the French)
Scorched-earth policyIt left the French hungry and cold as winter came.
AbdicatedStepped down from power
Congress of ViennaPlace where european leaders redrew the map of Europe in order to contain france and keep a balance of power.
LegitimacyRestored hereditary monarchies that the French Revolution or Napoleon had unseated.
Concert of EuropePowers met periodically to discuss any problems affecting the peace of Europe.