World history chapter 2 review

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Section 1

Question Answer
belief in many godspolytheism
the earliest known form of writing cuneiform
pyramid- like structures that had terraces at different levels along their exterior ziggurats
the rule of the one people over another empire
the study of celestial bodies astrology
ruler of Egypt pharaohs
a form of picture writing hieroglyphics
crescent-shaped fertile region encompassing mesopotamia and the land of cannan fertile crescent
belief in only one God monotheism
provinces in the Persian empire satrapies
the practice of trying to interpret human events and destiny by the position of the planets and stars astronomy
the sacred writings of Zoroastrianism avesta

Section 2

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temples used not just for worship but for education and government.summerians
discovery of cuneiform summerians
built the ziggurats summerians
wheel, division of time-hours and circle 360 summerians
the summerians fell to the ____civilization amorites
accomplishment- trade gold, silver tin and textiles amorites
algebra and geometry amorites
astronomy and astrology amorites
3 phases of the Egyptians? old age, middle age and new age
nile river flows_______northward
middle age happened ? time when Israelites moved into Egypt
egyptians were _____polytheistic
made important advances in medicine, increased knowledge in anatomy and prescribed medications Egyptians
people knew very little about them before the 20 th century hitties
excelled in iron production hitties
called merchants of the Mediterranean, had purple dye and cedars/ fire found in mountains Phoenicians
originators of the alphabet Phoenicians
known as Syrians, "cross roads of civilization" bridge between asia and Africa melting pot arameans
how were they able to trade and communicate so efficiently? everyone spoke Aramaic
what king is the messianic line through? king david
why did the hebrew nation split into two nations? because of taxes and it split into Israel and Judah
what three near eastern empires did God use to either discipline or perserve His people? assyrians, Chaldean and Persians
had the largest empire, did terrorism and God used them to discipline His people assyrians
called Babylon, god used this ruler to punish the jews Chaldean
modern day Iran, used Cyrus to free hebrews and rebuild temple. Persians
religion of Persians? zoroasterism
sacred writting Avesta
law enforced according to social standing code of hammurabi

Section 3

Question Answer
first female Egyptian pharaoh. Most likely to find moses in the bush. Hatshepsut
"Lord's anointed" Cyrus
most likely to be the pharaoh who will not let the Israelites go Amenhotep II
King in charge when God send the hand and wrote on the wall. Belshazzar
Known for the code of HammurabiHammurabi
ruler of Babylon ( Chaldean) nebuchadnezzar

Section 4

Question Answer
located in Giza great pyramid
land between rivers Tigris and Euphrates mesopotamia
really dry climate has _______ architectural wondersperserved
universal flood, great Babylonian hero, epic, long and narrative poem epic of Gilgamesh

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