World geography test

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Question Answer
What is the second longest river?Danube
Which river has formes boundaries between empires?Danube
What are te waterways of eastern europe?Europe to Asia, Black sea toMediterranian, Mediterranean to Atlantic ocean
Roman empire conquered lands betwwen______________Carpathian mountains and Danube river
What are the 3 empiresRoman, vesatin and aromen
World war II brought Eastern Europe _______________under the control of the communist Soviet union
Which mountains formes a natural barrier between European Russia and Siberian Russia?Ural mountains
Which mountains form a barrier between russia and countries to the south?Caucasus mountain
Describe the region's river sistemsare key commercial, transportation and hidroelectric power
Where does volga river empty?Caspian sea
What faced the people who moved to the cities?low wages and poor living conditions
Who's the father of communism?Karl Marx
What leads to russian revolution?workers began protesting their conditions
Soviet- controlled territories began adopting _________western ways and declaring their independence
The________ has been a strugglemove from a command economy to a market economy
Groups like____________ are protestingGreenpeace
What caused damage to lakes rivers and soils?Soviet-era industrialization

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