World geography review

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Section 1

Question Answer
which problems has led colonization?drought, and overpopulation
represents changes from islamic cultures to ________________ and animist the souththe north of Christian
climate change from _________________ of North Africa to the ______________ of equatorial Africasahara, tropics
deserts in North Africa meet __________________ Savanatropical
what does Sahel means?coast
why is vegetation as grasses, shrubs good?is good for rising livestock
Humans made lake ____________volta
lake Volta was created for: store water (reservoir)
what does reservoir means?store water
what supported most of the population?nomadic herding, substance farming
what led nomads to settle agriculture?Norther half of Africa was a savanna of grassland, lakes, and rivers
what caused people to migrate to the south?climate chanted around 2000 ac letting the area drier and hotter causing people to migrate to the south
What given rise to the Egyptian civilizations?Nile river
trade of _____________ and _________________ increased between Europe and Africagold and salt
____________ powers began to claim African territories european
colonial boundaries formed without________________-cultures and religions
conflicts between _______________ style and secular _____________ in sudanIslamic, government

Section 2

Question Answer
from ___________ to south the environment changes from the not dry Sahara to the ___________________ with shrubs then Rainer Sahara and tropical forestnorth, steppe
muslisms traders brought goods and sat Islamic ideas and _______________customs
what was the first empire?Ghana empire
ghana empire was rich _________________________trading civilizations
Name 3 empires:Mali, Songhai, Ghana
________________ interested in the region resources began claiming territoriesEuropeans
what is the most populated region of Africa?west africa
west africa has many ethnic group and _______________________languages
what are the languages that most people speak?English and French,
what does culture most emphasize?religion and family
How are the literacy rates in Africa?Low
Is the healthcare good or bad In West Africa?healthcare is inadequate
After the independence of 1900s what did Western Africa faced?religion and ethnicities clashed and corruption increased
what causes fatal illness?poor sanitation
describe blood diamondscorruption created political problems and this encourages illegal sell of weapons and traction of resources to fund the conflicts

Section 3

Question Answer
In 1500 ___________________ traded fired arms and goods for _______________Portuguese, slaves
Europeans and _____________ traded slavesDutches
what does Boels means?farmers
where did Portugueses, Europeans and Dutch use the slave labors?on farms
______________ routes brought people to the coasttrade
_________________ prohibited settlementDeserts
Discovery of ________________ gave rise to settlement and citiesgold
what languages did people speak, and what religion did they followed?French, German, English, they followed christianity
what problems persisted in Southern Africa? poverty and desease, gender inequalities

Section 4