World Cup Trivia

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Section 1

Question Answer
Wrote an essay against soccerOrwell
Accused of fixing 1978 world cupArgentina
Significant Number and Country for 2010 World Cup11, South Africa
George Weah, a soccer player turned president, home countryLiberia
Countries involved in 1969 "Football War"El Salvador / Honduras
Previous name for world cup trophyRimet
2018 uniform features black, white and green chevrons meant to evoke an eagle’s wingsNigeria
Lost 7-1 in its own country in 2014Brazil
What does FIFA stand for?Federation Internationale de Football Association
First World Cup host and yearUruguay 1930
Which country has won 5?Brazil
Current WC champ?Germany
Pele was named after which inventorEdison
Age of youngest player in World Cup match17
Smallest nation to qualify for a World Cup tournamentIceland
England last won in what year1966
Where does the word soccer come fromAbbrv. for association
2018 World Cup mascotA wolf named Zabivaka
What is on the world cup trophy?2 figures holding the earth
How many World Cups has the US been a part of10
US's best world cup placing3rd

Section 2

Question Answer
2014 Runner UpArgentina
2010 WinnerSpain
Last time Brazil won a world cup2002
First jointly hosted World Cup2002 South Korea and Japan
Next world cup, 2022 is in what countryQatar
First world cup host and winnerUruguay
Each have 4 world cup winsGermany and Italy
Russia will be what number of world cup21
Which world cup years were cancelled1942 and 1946
First international soccer match in 1972 was between what countries?Scotland and England
How many teams are in the world cup32
What is the world cup trophy made of 18 carat gold
How many teams have won the world cup8
Which teams have wonBrazil, Italy, Germany, Argentina, Uruguay, England, France, Spain
Award for most outstanding playerGolden Ball
Award for top goal scorerGolden Boot
Award for best goalkeeperGolden Glove
Women's Team with most World Cup TitlesUSA
What uniform is calledFootball Kit
Year for 1st women's world cup1991
Team with most lost finals (2nd places)Germany- with 4
Player with most world cup winsPele
Team that has been in every world cupBrazil