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Question Answer
Use 4 puffs4P\
Use 4 puffs twice daily4PB\
Use 4 puffs twice to four times daily4PBQID\
Use 4 puffs twice to three times daily4PBTID\
Use 4 puffs daily4PD\
Give 4 drops orally4PO\
Use 4 puffs four times daily4PQ\
Use 4 puffs three times daily4PT\
Use 4 puffs three to four times daily4PTQID\
Use 4 sprays4SP\
Use 4 sprays nasally4SPN\
Use 4 squirts4SQ\
Use 4 squirts nasally4SQN\
Take 4 tablets4T\
Take 4 tablets twice a day4TB\
Take 4 tablets daily4TD\
Take 4 tablets every night at bedtime4TQHS\
Take 5 capsules5C\
Take 5 capsules daily5CD\
5 days a week5DW\
Give 5 drops orally5PO\
Take 5 tablets 5T\
Take 5 tablets daily5TD\
5 times daily5XT\
Take 6 capsules6C\
Take 6 capsules daily6CD\
6 days a week6DW\
Give 6 drops orally6PO\
Take 6 tablets 6T\
Take 6 tablets daily6TD\
6 times daily6XD\
Give 7 drops orally7PO\
Give 8 drops orally8PO\
with 8 ounces of water8W\
to affected area(s)AA\
Apply to affected area(s)AAA\
before a mealAAC\
Apply to affected ear(s)AAE\
Apply to affected footAAF\
Apply to affected handAAH\
before mealsAC\
before breakfastACB\
before dinnerACD\
before meals and at bedtimeACHS\
as directedAD\
as directed by your physicianADMD\
alternating withALTW\
in the morningAM\
Equivalent to AmoxicillinAMO\
in the morning and eveningAMPM\
Apply to right eyeAOD\
Apply to affected eye(s)AOE\
Apply to left eyeAOS\
Apply to both eyesAOU\
after a mealAPC\
for arthritisART\
Apply sparinglyASP\
Apply to rashATR\
Both EarsAU\
Apply as directedAUD\
Need Auxiliary LabelAUX\
Mix each vial and inject intramuscularlyAVO\
Take 1 tablet daily for 21 days, skip 7 days & repeatBC21\
Take 1 tablet daily for 28 daysBC28\
two times dailyBID\
then 22mcg 3x weekly x2 wks, then 44mcgBIF\
twice weeklyBIW\
two to four times dailyBQID\
two to three times dailyBTID\
Chew and swallow 1 tabletC1T\
(alternating nostrils daily)CAL\
in the morning & 1 tablet in the eveningCARE\
from colored foil pouchCAT\
Apply adhesive overlay from plain pouchCAT2\
Reconstitute (if necessary) per mfr’sCHE\
Equivalent to CoumadinCOU\
Change patchCPAT\
units/1ml) every week as directedCR2\
daily, days 1 through 10 of each monthD110\
daily, days 1 through 25 of each monthD125\
daily, days 15 through 25 of each monthD1525\
daily, days 16 through 25 of each monthD1625\
Dissolve 1 tablet on the tongueD1T\
Dissolve 2 tablets on the tongueD2T\
daily, 5 days a weekD5WK\
then decrease dose toDEC\
Dilute in liquidDIL\
Dissolve 2 packets in liquidDIS2PK\
Inhale the contents of 1 discDISC\
Inhale the contents of 1 disc dailyDISC1\
Dissolve in liquidDISL\
Dissolve one packet in liquidDISPK\
diabetes mellitusDM\
Do not take with dairy productsDP\
May discolor urine or fecesDU\
Equivalent to EQ\
on an empty stomachES\
on even daysEVE\
off for 1 week. Repeat cycleEVRA\
Expires onEXO\
for 3 dosesF3D\
for agitationFA\
for allergiesFAL\
for anxietyFANX\
for arthritisFART\
for allergy syptomsFAS\
for bladderFBLA\
for bloodFBLO\
for blood pressureFBP\
for benign prostatic hypertrophyFBPH\
for coughFC\
for cough and congestionFCC\
for cholesterolFCH\
for congestionFCO\
for chest painFCP\
for cough and wheezingFCW\
for diarrheaFD\
for diabetes FDI\
for depressionFDP\
Do not take with iron productsFE\
for fluid retentionFFR\
with a full glass of waterFGW\
for headache(s)FHA\
for high blood pressureFHBP\
for high cholesterolFHCH\
for heartFHRT\
For hypertensionFHTN\
for itchingFI\
for infectionFINF\
(for injection)FINJ\
for insomniaFINS\
Equivalent to FiorinalFIO\
for joint painFJP\
for leg crampsFLC\
Take with food or milkFM\
for migraineFMI\
for muscle spasmsFMS\
for nauseaFN\
For nasal allergiesFNA\
Rx written by NP:FNP\
for nausea and vomitingFNVO\
Take 1 tablet once a week in the morning on an empty stomach with 8oz. Of water and remain upright for 30 minutes.FOSA\
for osteoporosisFOST\
for painFP\
(for reconstitution)FRE\
for sleepFS\
for shortness of breathFSOB\
for spasm(s)FSP\
for severe painFSVP\
for thyroidFTHY\
for dizzinessFVE\
for vomitingFVO\
for wheezingFW\

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