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United Continental Holding, Inc.the parent company of United
Subsidiary Continental (S-CO)refers to former Continental Airlines
Subsidiary United (S-UA)refers to former United Airlines
Inflight Servicesthe name of the flight attendant department at United
Chelsea Food ServicesUnited’s in-house catering company. Chelsea kitchen locations are EWR, IAH, CLE, DEN and HNL
United’s Route MapUnited’s business plan is called United’s Route Map. Divided into two sections, the first section, called “It’s how we fly, “contains our core values, which don’t change from year to year. The second section lists our specific goals for the current year. The Route Map covers all our key operational, product, financial and employee goals for the year. No matter which division of the company you are in, your work should be aligned with one or more of the goals listed in the Route Map.
Choice Menuthe name of United’s food for sale program in United Economy on most flights in the Americas.
Global ServicesGlobal Services is a worldwide service and recognition program for our most valuable customers. This invitation-only program is comprised of Fortune 500 company executives, as well as top executives and CEO’s of major U.S. corporations who are the decision makers for the travel services utilized by their company.
Mileage PlusUnited’s frequent flyer program, levels of Mileage Plus are Silver, Gold, Platinum and 1K.
United Global FirstUnited Global first is the name of the forward cabin product on three-class aircraft, offering customers a higher level of privacy and the luxury of a flatbed suite, personalized attention and priority airport services.

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