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United BusinessFirstUnited BusinessFirst will be the name of the forward cabin on two-class aircraft and the middle cabin on three-class aircraft. This business-class product across the whole fleet elevates services and comfort on long-haul international flights. In other markets, the name of the premium cabin will depend on where the aircraft flies. Most aircraft on other routes have two-cabins. In these markets the aircraft itself will be the same, but you could have a different name depending on the route. These two names will be United First or United Business.
United FirstUnited’s premium cabin for customers traveling within the U.S., including Hawaii and Alaska. This cabin is the forward most cabin of the aircraft.
United BusinessUnited’s premium cabin for customers traveling to/from Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America and northern South America, as well as intra-Asia routes where United Global First and United BusinessFirst are not available. This cabin is the forward most cabin of the aircraft.
United Economy PlusIs an exclusive area at the front of the United Economy cabin that offers additional legroom.
Hemispheres MagazineThe monthly in-flight magazine, Hemispheres, is found on United and United Express flights in seatback pockets.
SkyMall MagazineA shopping magazine available on all flights and customers may remove it from the aircraft.
Star Alliancea multi-member airline network that connects customers throughout the world. United is a founding member of the Star Alliance network.
Willis TowerUnited’s headquarter building located in Chicago, Illinois, formerly known as the Sears Tower. United occupies 13 floors of the Willis Tower and is its largest tenant.
Crew Communication System (CCS)CCS is designed for a variety of crew scheduling functions and company services. CCS is accessible from the base and home computers through the internet.
Flying Togetheris the intranet site for all United coworkers. Flying Together provides news and information about the company and your coworkers, access to all departments and links to the tools that help you so your job.
United Expressregional airlines contracted by United to fly customers. These carriers often connect customers from smaller cities to the larger hubs. Most regional jets offer 35 – 70 seats onboard and some may even include a premium cabin and United Economy Plus.
United VoicesUnited Voices is the central point for consolidating and coordinating the various departmental efforts to improve our operation. We encourage you to use this resource to communicate your operational concerns