Words Related to Service

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Beverage/Bar Carta cart specifically designed for the aircraft, used to serve beverages.
Brew Cupa metal basket in the coffee maker used to hold a coffee bag during the brew cycle.
Casserole Dishceramic oven safe dish in which meals are cooked and served.
Coffee BagSoft paper filter pre-packed with coffee grounds. The coffee bag is placed in the brew basket when brewing coffee.
Cold Boxcontainer provisioned with lemons, limes, dairy and juice.
Complimentary (Comp)Alcoholic beverage or other service item provided at no cost to the customer.
Crew Mealsmeals boarded specifically for pilots and flight attendants.
Dish-upmethod of transferring entrée from oven to plate to tray in premium cabins
Downline Cateringfood items boarded on one flight but used on the next flight.
Inflight Final Report (IFR) print out given to the flight attendant with premium customer names and other important information.
Inflight Hand Held Device (HHD)electronic device used by the flight attendant to inventory liquor and food. The HHD is also used to process credit card transaction for onboard purchases.
Chefs Tip Sheetsused to assist flight attendants with presentation and preparation of meal selections in the premium cabins.