Words Related to Service 2

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Question Answer
Inflight Customer Kita blue canvass bag containing items related to customer needs; band aids, coat tags, reports.
Meal Cartaircraft cart in which meals are provisioned and served or sold from in United Economy.
Phases of Flightspecific stages of flight with designated safety and service duties
Pre-departure Beveragebeverages served in premium cabins before the flight departs the gate
Service Standardscriteria set for service presentation to customers
Special Service Request (SSR)form given to flight attendant identifying specific customer requests for assistance, including wheelchairs and electric carts.
Transcontinental (Trancon)a flight that is operating from the east/west coast of the U.S. to the west/east coast of the U.S.
Walk-throughsa flight attendant requirement to assess the needs and to be available in the cabin