Words Related to Aircraft

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A/Cabbreviation for aircraft.
Aftthe rear most section of the aircraft
Airspeedthe speed of an aircraft in relation to the air through with it is passing. Not the same as ground speed, which is actual speed of the aircraft over the ground.
Altitudedistance above sea level, quoted in thousands of feet when an aircraft is in flight
Auxiliary Power Unit (APU)a small engine used to operate a generator that supplies direct current power to an aircraft when the engines are shut down. This generator is typically used to power the air and lights while the aircraft is parked at the gate.
Attitudethe position of the airplane as determined by the inclination of its axis in some reference, usually the earth or horizon.
Banktilting the aircraft at an angle while turning left or right
Bulkheada term used to define any dividing wall in the aircraft
Cabinthe interior of the aircraft where the customers are seated
Deadheadtransportation for non-working crewmembers from one point to another to cover a flight or return to base.
Demoalso known as the Safety Demonstration. A demonstration of the safety features of an aircraft presented to the customers through a video or by the flight attendants prior to every flight.