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Gross Weightthe total weight of the aircraft when fully loaded. It includes the weight of the aircraft plus all the contents, such as fuel, customers and supplies.
Hardstanda remote parking area near the airport terminal where an aircraft parks. A hardstand requires customers and crew to board or deplane the aircraft via stairs.
Inboardthe area in the cabin nearest the center of the aircraft.
Lavatoryrestrooms located on the aircraft.
Leading Edgethe forward edge of the wing.
Main Cabinthe economy or coach section of the customer cabin.
Outboardthe area in the cabin closest to the exterior of the aircraft.
Overhead Binsstorage compartments located above the customers seats.
Placardsticker or posting in the aircraft cabin with information.
RONan aircraft remaining overnight at a station (Remain Over Night).
Shipaircraft are sometimes referred to as ships.
Stowto secure an item on an aircraft.
Tail Numbereach aircraft in the United fleet is issued a number. This number is painted near the rear of the aircraft and is referred to as the tail number or ship number. You can also find the tail number located on a placard on the flight deck door and in the aft galley area.
Trailing Edgethe back edge of the wing.