Words Related to Aircraft 2

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Deplaneterm used to denote customers leaving or exiting the aircraft.
Doghousea small compartment in the aircraft cabin used to stow equipment.
F/Aabbreviation for flight attendant.
Flight Deckthe pilots sit in this area. The flight deck contains all controls and navigational equipment used to fly the aircraft.
F/A Jumpseata retractable seat with seat belts, located near exits, for flight attendants to sit on during takeoff and landing.
Floor Level Exitsmost door exits, level with the floor, allowing easy egress from the aircraft.
Forwardfront of the aircraft toward the flight deck.
Fuselagethe body of the aircraft to which the wings and tail are attached.
Galleythe kitchen area onboard the aircraft where meals and beverages are prepared
Ground Power Unita portable unit attached to the aircraft, while on the ground, which provides electrical power to the aircraft when the engines are not operating.
Ground Speedthe speed of the aircraft in relation to the ground. A combination of the airspeed plus or minus the head winds and tail wind components determines your ground speed.