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IndispensableSomething absulutely necessary, essential
AbashedTo fell ashamed or embarrased
UnabashedNot to fell ashamed or embarassed
Wary ofTo be very cautious about something/someone
IndustriousDiligent, hardworking
Grin and bearFace unpleasant situation without complaining
Icing on the cakeSomething much more good is added to something has already been good
Drive homeTo stress importance of something
Steel clear ofTo avoid someone or something dangerous
Flummox byTo be confused or get confused by something
Pet peeveSomething what annoys you very much
DubiousSomething that is uncertain, doubtful
HoodwinkTo cheat, decieve someone
InadvertentlyTo do something unintentionally
EndeavourTo try hard to achieve something. An attempt to achieve a goal
AvidTo be eager, interested in something
Gift of the gabTo have ability to speak in public confidently and convincigly
ClicheAn overused expression which lost it's orginality
MeticulousTo be extremaly careful or precise about something
ProfoundSomething that is characterized by it's intensity, depth
CoerceTo force someone to do that they aren't willing to do
ImpromptuTo do something without planning
ImpeccableSomething that is perfect, without any errors
InvariableSomething that will never change, constant
ProfuselyTo do something in excees/overdoing something
FutileSomething pointless, not capable of doing any result
Sought afterSomething what is searched for, highly demanded
AdmonishTo scold or warn someone for doing something
IrkTo irritate or annoy someone
IntimidateTo induce sense of inferiority into someone
FosterTo encourage the development of something
CamaradiereA trustworthy friendship and loyality
CandidTo be straightforward in your expressions
ClandestineSomething done secretibely, hidden
ContemplateTo look at something very attentive
EnthrallTo charm or to fascinate
GhastlySomething dreadful, horrible
Make no bones aboutTo say or do something without hesitating, thinking twice
MiffTo annoy or get annoyed by someone or something
OnusSomeone's duty or responsibility. To blame or to take the blame for something that has gone wrong
PrecariousSomething that is risky or unstable
Last strawThe final problem that makes someone lose their temper
To be tickled pinkTo be very please or delighted
Fight tooth and nailTo use all resources to win a struggle
Get tied upTo get busy with something that can't be avoided
Have your heart in your mouthTo be nervous or scared
InhibitTo hinder, restrain, prevent
Wean offTo be strongly influenced by something

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