Wordly Wise Book 8 Lesson 1

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Question Answer
Having a strong desire for, to the point of greed.Avid
Eager; enthusiastic Avid
Abrupt in manner or speech; gruffBrusque
The quality or state of being brusqueBrusqueness
Short and to the pointConcise
To cause a lowering of self-esteem; to lower in reputation or characterDemean
Deserving contempt or scornDespicable
To try to equal; to imitateEmulate
To call forth; to produceEvoke
To bring to mind, often by suggestionEvoke
Creating something again, especially through the imaginationEvocative
Very painfulExcruciating
To install in office with a formal ceremonyInaugurate
To begin officially or mark the opening ofInaugurate
The act of installing in officeInauguration
To spread throughout Pervade
Spreading throughoutPervasive
An owner of a store or other businessProprietor
A fictitious name used by an author; a pen namePseudonym
To reject bluntlyRebuff
To drive backRebuff
A blunt rejectionRebuff
An abrupt setback in progress Rebuff
Capable of recovering quickly from misfortuneResilient
Returning quickly to an original shape or conditionResilient
The ability to recover Resilience
The ability to spring back Resilience
Chaotic; unrulyTurbulent
Stormy; tempestuous Turbulent
Great disturbance or agitation Turbulence
Rapid changes in wind speed and direction in the atmosphereTurbulence

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