Wordly Wise Book 4--Lesson1

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Question Answer
benefit (v)To help or be helpful to; to be useful to. That preschool program _____ young children.
benefit (n)1. An event held to raise money for a cause. The library's _____ raised enough money for a new children's room. 2. Something that is useful or helpful, that does good. One of the _____ of my exercise program is that I sleep better.
complete (adj)Having no missing parts; whole. She bought a _____ set of woodworking tools at a yard sale.
complete (v)1. Finished The new wing on the high school is now _____ . 2. To finish Schubert did not _____ his eighth symphony, so it's nicknamed "The Unfinished".
develop (v)1. To bring or come into being. The day after I brushed against the poison ivy, a rash _____ on my leg. 2. To apply chemicals to photographic film to bring out the picture. I want to learn to _____ my own pictures. 3. To go through a process of growth. Running regularly _____ strong leg muscles.
dismay (n)A sudden loss of courage because of fear or worry. Just after we began hiking, we were filled with _____ when we heard the rumble of a rockslide.
ease (adj)A state of being comfortable-without worry, pain, or trouble. Since I took a course in public speaking, I feel much more at _____ when I give a speech.
ease (v)to make less worried, pained, or troubled. It _____ my mind to hear you were safe.
hail (n)Small lumps of frozen rain. The _____ bouncing off the metal roof of the garage made' a terrible racket.
lack (v)To be without. He never sees the funny side of things because he _____ a sense of humor.
lack (n)A shortage. A _____ of money to pay the staff forced our library to close on weekends.
master (adj)1. Chief; main. Throw the _____ switch to turn on the power. 2. Having or showing great skill. Rick is a _____ carpenter.
master (v)To become skilled at. My mother _____ the new computer program in just a few weeks.
patriot (n)One who loves, supports, and is loyal to his or her country. Giuseppe Garibaldi was an Italian _____ who fought tirelessly to unite his country.
patriotic (adj)Having or showing love of one's country. "America the Beautiful" is a _____ song that was written by Katherine Lee Bates.
patriotism (n)Love of one's country. Some people show their _____ by proudly flying their country's flag.
project (n)A plan or idea for doing something. My science _____ is going to show what acid rain does to plants.
project (v)1. To stick out. Nails are still _____ out of the new floor, so be careful where you walk. 2. To cause an image to be shown on a screen. This machine _____ color slides but not movies.
recommend (v)1. To make a statement of praise. I loved the movie The Secret Garden and I highly _____ it. 2. To give advice; to suggest. Dentists usually _____ that you have a checkup twice a year.
remark (v)To say; to make a comment. My grandmother _____ on how well I looked.
remark (n)Something said; a comment. When no one else could think of anything to say, I made a _____ about how badly we needed rain
remarkable (adj)Deserving of being noticed; unusual. For such a young child, he had _____ strength.
represent (v)1. To stand for or in place of. Three dots _____ the letter"S" in the Morse code. 2. To act in place of. Each state in the U.S. elects two senators to _____ it in Congress.
sufficient (adj)Enough to fill a need. Ten lessons on the oboe were _____ to earn me a place in the school band.
utter (v)to make sounds with the voice; to speak. Please don't _____ another word.

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