Word differentiation lesson 8

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Section 1

Question Answer
fecalpertaining to or of the nature of feces
cecalpertaining to (any blind pouch or cul-de-sac, usually the first part of the large intestine)
thecalpertaining to (an enclosing case or sheath - usually referring to the the sac of the spine)
flexorany muscle that flexes a joint
flexurea bending; a bent portion of a structure or organ

Section 2

Question Answer
fundalpertaining to (the bottom or base of anything, usually the base of an organ)
fungalpertaining to or caused by fungus
homogeneousconsisting of or composed of similar elements or ingredients; of a uniform quality throughout
homogenoushaving a similarity of sturcture because of descent from a common ancestor
hyalina translucent albuminoid substance, one of the products of amyloid degeneration; a substance composing the walls of hydatid cysts
hyalineglassy and transparent, or nearly so

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