Word differentiation lesson 7

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Question Answer
enervationlack of nervous energy; removal of a nerve or a section of a nerve
innervationthe distribution or supply of nerves to a part; the supply of nervous energy or of nerve stimulus sent to a part
enterocleisisclosure of a wound in the intestine; occlusion of the lumen of the intestine
enteroclysisthe injection of a nutrient or medicinal liquid into the bowel; the introduction of barium directly into the small bowel through a nasogastric tube
exacerbationincrease in the severity of a disease or any of its symptoms
exasperationbeing vexed or irritated
facialof or pertaining to the face
fascialpertaining to or of the nature of a fascia (sheet or band of fibrous tissue such as lies deep to the skin or forms an investment for muscles and various other organs of the body)
faciesterm used in anatomical designation of a part or organ; the expression or appearance of the face
fecesthe excrement discharged from the intestines

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