Word Differentiation lesson 4

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Question Answer
canalizationthe natural formation of canals within a structure or the surgical creation of canals for drainage
cannulizationthe surgical insertion of a tube
carotidrelating to the principal artery of the neck
parotidsituated or occurring near the ear, most commonly as in the parotid gland
claustrumthin layer of grey matter lateral to the external capsule of the lentiform nucleus, separating the nucleus from the white substance of the insula
colostrumthin, yellow, milky fluid secreted by the mammary gland shortly fefore and a few days after the delivery of an infant
coaptationapproximation, as in the edges of a wound or fracture
coarctationa condition of structure or contraction
coarsenot fine; rough/harsh
coursedirection of progress; sequence of events; a series of instruction periods; the ground or path over which something moves

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