Word differentiation lesson 14

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Section 1

Question Answer
uncal(any hook-shaped structure; the medially curved anterior end of the parahippocampal gyrus)
ungualpertaining to the nails
lingualpertaining to or towards the tongue
vertexsummit or top; the top or crown of the head
vortexa whorled arrangement, design, or pattern, as of muscle fibers, or of the ridges or hairs on the skin

Section 2

Question Answer
viscusa large internal organ of the body; expecially one located in the great cavity of the trunk
viscousdescriptive work for a liquid that is thick and slow-flowing
waistthe portion of the body between the thorax and the hips; a part resembling the human waist, especially in the narrowness or central position
wastegradual loss, decay, or diminuition of bulk; damaged, defective, or superfluous material; refuse
Xanaxdrug used as a muscle relaxant and for anxiety disorders
Zantacdrug used in the treatment of ulcers

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