Word differentiation lesson 10

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Section 1

Question Answer
median sternotomythe operation of cutting through the midline of the sternum
mediastinotomythe operation of cutting into (the mass of tissues and organs separating the two pleural sacs)
mentalpertaining to the mind
omentalpertaining to (a fold of peritoneum extending from the stomach to the adjacent organs in the abdominal cavity)
metaphysisthe wider part of the extremity of the shaft of a long bone, adjecent to the epiphyseal disk
metastasisthe transfer of disease from one organ or part to another not directly connected with it

Section 2

Question Answer
mucouspertaining to or resembling mucus; adjective form of mucus
mucusthe free slime of the mucous membranes, composed of secretion of the glands, etc
ostealbony, osseous
ostialpertaining to (a door or opening; used to designate an opening into a tubular organ or between two distinct cavities)

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