Word differentiation lesson 1

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Section 1

Question Answer
acceptto receive willingly; to agree to
exceptto take out or leave out; not including; other than
adenocystan adenoma in which there is cyst formation
adenosisany disease of the glands; the abnormal development or formation of gland tissue
affectto produce an effect or change on or to exert an influence over; the external expression of emotion;
effectto cause to come into being to bring about, accomplish, execute; result, outcome, intent, fulfillment, influence, consequence
alludingreferring to in a casual or indirect way
elutingremoving absorbed material by use of a solvent

Section 2

Question Answer
affectiverelating to, arising from, or influencing feelings or emotions
effectivecapable of bringing about an effect; exerting positive influence, productive of results, etc
afferentconveying toward the center
efferentconveying away from a center
allusionto refer indirectly or by suggestion
elusionescaping the notice of, an avoidance of, the eluding of something
illusiona misleading sensory image; a false interpretation of a real sensory image
delusiona false belief that is firmly maintained in spite of proof or evidence to the contrary

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