Word Categories

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Section 1

Question Answer
Prepositionto, on, under, at, for, by
Conjunctionand, but, or, because, although
PronounI, she, he, that, these
Articlethe, a, an
Nounchild, store, cat
Verbbe, have, read
Adjectivered, tall, sleepy, nice
Adverbthere, very, quickly
Articlethe, a, an
Numeralone, three, fifth
Open CategoriesNouns, Verbs, Adjectives and Adverbs
Closed CategoriesPrepositions, Conjunctions, Articles and Pronouns
Attributive Adjectiveif the adjective precedes the noun
Predicative Adjectiveif the adjective follows the noun

Section 2

Question Answer
Open Categoriescontent words, can be added to
Closed Categoriesfunction words, rarely added to
Traditional Classificationbased on general definition
Linguistic Classificationbased on Form, Distribution and Function
Formlexical endings
Distributionword position relative to other word types
Functiongrammatical role in the sentence