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Effete, adj.1. No longer fertile, 2. Marked by weakness or decadence, 3. Soft or delicate, 4. (Of a man) having feminine qualities
Eloquent, adj.Eloquente, espressivo
Nettle, v1. To strike or sting as if with nettles (ortiche), to arouse annoyance
Qualm, nScrupolo. 1. A sudden attack of illness or nausea. 2. A sudden feeling of doubt, fear or uneasiness especially in not following one's conscience or better judgement
Limn, v1. Draw or paint on a surface, 2. To outline in clear, sharp detail, 3. To describe
Procrastinate, vTo put off intentionally the doing of something
Ignominious, adj. 1. Marked with disgrace or shame, dishonourable. 2. Deserving of shame and infamy, despicable. 3. Humiliating, degrading
Fealty, n1. The fidelity of a vassal to his Lord. 2. Intense fidelity and loyalty.
Bogart, v1. To bully, to intimidate. 2. To use and consume without sharing
Shibboleth, n. 1. A catchword, a slogan. 2. A widely held belief of truism. 3. A custom or usage regarded as distinctive of a particular group.
Alacrity, nPromptness in response, cheerful readiness
Quash, vTo nullify, especially by judicial action
Wormhole, n1. A hole burrowed by a worm, 2. A hypothetical structure of space-time envisioned as a long thin tunnel connecting points that are separated by time and space
Petulant, adj.1. Insolent and rude in speech or behaviour, 2. Characterised by temporary or capricious ill humour, peevish
Favonian, adj.Of or relating to the west wind, mild
Belie, vSmentire 1. To give a false impression of, 2. To show something to be false or wrong, 3. To contradict, 4. To disguise

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Crèche1. A representation of the nativity scene. 2. A nursery or day care centre, 3. A group of young animals (bats, penguins) gathered in one place for care and protection by one or more adults.
Aftermath1. A second-growth crop. 2. Consequence, result. 3. The period immediately following an usually ruinous event
Exorbitant1. Not coming within the scope of the law, 2. Exceeding the customary or appropriate limits in intensity, quality, amount or size.
Cavilto raise a trivial and frivolous objections = quibble
Invidious1. Tending to cause discontent animosity or envy, or resentment. 2. Unpleasant, objectionable, or obnoxious.
Gordian Knotan intricate problem, a problem insoluble in its own terms, 2. A knot tied by Gordius, and cut by Alexander
Hidebound1. (Of domestic animals) having a dry skin lacking in pliancy and adhering closely to the underlying flesh. 2. Having an inflexible or ultra conservative character.
Perpetuityeternity, the quality or state of continuing forever
Deferencerespect and esteem due to a superior or an elder; ingrained regard for another's whishes
Notatorialof or relating to swimming
Fulminateto complain loudly or angrily; to send forth censures or invectives

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