WOOD 494

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Question Answer
Wood value chainHarvest, log yard, sawmilling, drying , planing
Result of maximizing value for dimensional lumbermaximize wood strength, maximize recovery, optimize wood utilization, surface quality
In secondary wood processing structural and appearance applications maximize wood glue strength, maximize coating durability, utilize lower strength wood, optimize wood utilization
Operations managementquality, speed, flexibility, price/cost reduction
Density wood-based material > solid woodincreases cutting forces and tool wear
Abrasiveness increasesdue to presence of glue plastics and increases tool wear and process temperature
Linear, stationaryhand plane
Stationary, linearlengthwise slicing veneer
Linear, linearsawing with bandsaw
Stationary, rotaryturning on lathe
Rotary, linearshaper
Rotary, rotarysaw cutting on lathe
In the sawmill wood cutting processingfelling, bucking, debarking, primary/ secondary breakdown (headrig, twin band saws, edger, resaw, twin saws, gang saws, trimmer, chipper canter)
In secondary manufacturingedging, trimming, planing, moulding, joiner