Windows Upgrade Paths

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Windows Upgrade Paths

This will cover the upgrade paths from Windows XP all the way to Windows 10.

Upgrade to Windows XP

Upgrades fromto XP
Windows 95Clean Install
Windows 98/MEHome, Professional
Windows NT4.0/2000Professional

Upgrade to Windows Vista

Upgrades fromto Vista
XP HomeHome Basic, Home Premium, Business, Ultimate
XP Media Center EditionHome Premium, Ultimate
XP ProfessionalBusiness, Ultimate
XP Professional x64Clean Install

Upgrade to Windows 7

NOTE: It is not possible to upgrade to Windows 7 Starter as it is only available to install by OEMs.
Upgrades fromto 7
Vista Home BasicHome Premium, Ultimate
Vista BusinessProfessional, Enterprise
Vista UltimateUltimate
Vista EnterpriseEnterprise

Upgrade to Windows 8

Upgrade fromto 8
7 StarterCore, Pro
7 Home BasicCore, Pro
7 Home PremiumCore, Pro
7 ProfessionalPro, Enterprise
7 EnterpriseEnterprise

Upgrade to Windows 8.1

Upgrade fromto 8
8 Core8.1 Core, Pro
8 Pro8.1 Pro, Enterprise
8 Enterprise8.1 Enterprise
8.1 Core8.1 Pro
8.1 Pro8.1 Enterprise

Upgrade to Windows 10

Upgrade from 7to 10
Home PremiumHome/Core
Professional, UltimatePro


Upgrade from 8/8.1to 10
Pro/Pro for StudentsPro

Things to note

You will need 32-bit edition of Windows to upgrade to another 32-bit edition. Same rules apply to 64-bit editions. Otherwise, you will need to do a clean install.
Windows XP Professional 64-bit will always require a clean install, regardless of which edition and version of Windows you attempt to upgrade to or from.
In this situation, an upgrade is defined as an installation of an operating system that maintains user files and applications from the previous installation.