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All pages have wiki text underlying them. You can edit and add to the page by editing the wiki text.


When you click an "edit" link on a page (see Editing Quickstart) you'll see the wiki text for that page. Wiki text is just plain text. But, it lets you use colons, equals, and hypens to make table rows, headings, and bullet points (and more).


It is a little tricky to get used to, but quite flexible and powerful once you get used to it. Though, if you prefer, you can always use the wizards and never have to edit wiki text.

Wiki text for a typical page

The wiki text to create a simple page with a heading and a table with 2 rows might look like this:


= Capitals
France : Paris
Japan : Tokyo


As you can see, it's pretty simple. You put "=" at the beginning of a line to make it a heading, and put " : " in a line to make it into a table row.


When used for real, it will look like this:


Question Answer


Click the "edit" link to the right of the "Capitals" heading and above the thin gray line. (Note you have to move your mouse over this section to make the "edit" link appear.) Then you'll see the wiki text underlying this section.

Seeing wiki text samples while editing

When you are editing a page, you can click the "toolbar" link (to the right) and then the "samples" link to see samples of wiki text.

Learn wiki text


If you learn this table, you'll know pretty much all you need to edit most things.


thinghow to type it
heading= Heading
memorize tablered : rojo
green : verde
bullet point- bullet point (starts with a hyphen)
paragraphNothing special, just type sentences. (leave blank lines between paragaphs)
link to page named "Spanish"[Spanish]


thinghow to type it
(emphasized less)((emphasized less))
table with labelsenglish :: spanish
red : rojo
linebreak within a tablered : rojo <br> granate
small heading== Heading

Tips / Things to know

Question Answer
Ways to edit wiki textClick an "edit" link or double-click a row during learning
Add hints or extra information to rowsUse emphasis or (less emphasis)
Way to help people understandAdd paragraphs to your page (like the paragraphs on this page)
Way to make tables easier to learnBreak them up into smaller tables (by adding blank lines between them)
How to "import" tablesJust paste in a bunch of lines that contain " : " (such as "Paris : France")

Images and Maps

Here is the wiki text for creating maps, images, and diagrams. Note, though, that it is often simpler to click "create" to use a wizard to create one of them, and then copy and paste the resulting wiki text into an existing page.


thinghow to type it
map[map: A=Bahamas, B=Cuba]
diagram[diagram:, A=10x6, B=20x6]