Why people go to Canada

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This page helps you learn why people have moved to Canada

Why People Move To Canada

Question Answer Column 3
1.Political and Religious FreedomCatholic is #1 religion in Canada
2.Political AllegiancesLoyalty to a nation
3.Available Land1. Russia 2. Canada 3. U.S.A.
4.Economic OpportunitiesCapitalism: Canada = Capitalism. Norway = Socialism. Cuba = Communism.
5.Family TiesIf other family members live in Canada, they may want to move in with their family
6.Poverty in their own countryTop 3 most poorest countries: 1. Congo 2. Liberia 3. Zimbabwe
7.Famine in their countries1 billion in 2009, the number dipped to 925 million
8.Political unrest in their own countriesThey are uncomfortable in their countries
9.Forced Migrations of slaves or "Home Children"Causes: 1. Natural Disasters 2. War or civil war 3. Fleeing persecution 4. Slavery 5. Development Projects
10.Immigration Rules and GuidelinesImmigration and Protection Act in 2009 First act established in Canada in 1869